Deva DB8000

1.187,50 excl. VAT

The DB8000 Silence Monitor is designed to eliminate the dreaded dead air problem. In case of audio loss, the unit will detect the silence and will switch directly to the AUX input or the built-in MP3 audio back-up player. The audio files and playlists can be uploaded to the device from your PC via any FTP client. In addition, the internal bass and treble control module allow advanced audio adjustment of the MP3 backup audio.

The unit has DTMF remote control features; a 3 digit DTMF tone combination can change the audio source input or start any playlist from the built-in MP3 Audio Player. The DB8000 can be used for local content or a regional advertisement spot insertion, thanks to this feature.

The DB8000 can also send e-mail notifications in case of an input signal source change. The emails are generated to a predefined recipient and contain a short text message describing the source change: Main, AUX or Backup.

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