DEVA DB3011 Monitoring Receiver

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The DB3011 offers brilliant acoustic characteristics with extensive feature set. The high-selective DSP-based tuner of the device allows the HD Radio Broadcast, FM and Internet stream of the station to be selected, monitored and listened to. This dedicated hardware will not only allow you to constantly monitor the sound of your station, but will also measure and store for future analysis the RF level and Left & Right Audio Levels. To enhance your performance, the DB3011 comes with a built-in FM RDS/RBDS Decoder and HD Radio PAD Decoder.

The unmatched in performance audio system of DB3011 is equipped with two speakers to reproduce mid- and high-range audio frequencies, and high-efficiency bass reflex speaker for high-quality sound. The DB3011 FM/HD Radio monitor provides full fidelity off-air monitoring and online stream simultaneously. The tool supports MP3, RTP and PCM IP audio codecs. The DB3011 allows users to toggle through the FM, HD Radio broadcast and Internet Radio stream to confirm audio presence and quality in live broadcast environments.

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