DM Vibe 6 DAB+ Audio Processor

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    DM Vibe 6 DAB+ Audio Processor

    Vibe 6 DAB+ is a digital multiband audio processor optimized for DAB+ and HD Radio broadcasting.

    The audio processing chain comprises a two bands AGC which feeds the six bands limiter-compressor, followed by a final clipper-limiter operating at 96KHz, optimized for distortion masking, thus obtaining a cleaner and clipping  artifacts free sound.

    The audio processing are realized through DSPs, allowing a stable operation over time and the possibility to implement new functions through software updates.

    The loudness limiter can equalize the perceived loudness among different audio program sources such as live shows, commercials, films, music videos.
    It operates according to the ITU-R BS.1770 standard.

    All outputs will be bypassed to their respective inputs in case of malfunction.