Deva Mobile FM Radio Analyzer

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The Radio Explorer is an excellent tool for onsite setup and analysis of broadcasting equipment. This unit can measure all the important parameters of the FM transmissions and displays them on the large LCD display. For even better control, the device can be connected to any Windows PC via a front panel USB port.

The Radio Explorer can be set to measure up to 50 preselected channels. When the data collection is over, the collected log files can be converted into .kmz format and displayed in Google Earth using the supplied free-of-charge Windows software. Thus, you can acquire a clear display of the station’s current condition. Such functionality is matchless when analysis and tune-up of the broadcast equipment and antennas is needed. The Log file can be exported as an intermediary format for future analysis. In addition, the band scan mode guarantees real-time display of the FM band or a fraction of it with down to 5 kHz resolution.

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