DEVA – DB9009-RX

1.567,50 excl. VAT

DB9009-RX second generation Advanced IP Audio Decoder. Providing top-quality signal over public IP networks and even connections behind NATs and Firewalls, DB9009-RX delivers undeviating audio unaffected by the non-persistent network conditions and without the need of user interference.

HE-AAC versions 1 and 2, MPEG-1 Layer 3 compressed audio streams and lossless uncompressed PCM stream are supported by the powerful DSP processor without a compromise. The DB9009-RX can also be used for a wide range of professional audio applications as Broadcast, Internet Radio, Studio to Transmitter Link and VoIP.

Supporting several types of Backup sources, upon audio loss, DB9009-RX will immediately switch between the sources (IP Audio Client, RTP, MP3 Player) and return to the main one, with no user intervention when the audio is restored. The current audio source can also be selected using one of the General Purpose Inputs.

For an additional charge, this device is also avalable in version with a fully digital, DSP-based Stereo & RDS Encoder Module.

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